Bosch Home – Clarified target group selection and optimisation of customer journey for Bosch kitchen machines

Client: BSH Home Appliances Northern Europe (Bosch)

Background and challenge

Bosch has for a long time been one of the leading brands on the Nordic market for “kitchen machines” (stand mixers). The competition has, however, intensified as several new brands have established themselves on the market. To ensure continued relevance and competitiveness, Bosch Home saw a need to update the map of the market and deepen the understanding of prioritised target groups.


Phase 1 – Market & target group analysis

The project began with a comprehensive analysis and mapping of the market and potential target groups. We could identify five clearly differentiated customer segments and one of the segments was found to be extra attractive and relevant for Bosch Home and chosen as primary target group.

Phase 2 – In-depth target group understanding and mapping of customer journey

An in-depth analysis of the primary target group, as a next step, provided a deepened understanding of the target group’s drivers, feelings and behaviours connected to the category as well as their relationship with the Bosch brand and the competitors. We also mapped out the customer journey in detail and conducted stimuli tests to gain an understanding of how the target group reacted to different types of communication.

Phase 3 – Optimisation of the customer journey

The project ended with us deep-diving in the customer journey, together with the client’s communication team, and drawing up a concrete action plan for optimising the target group’s customer journey. The planned activities ranged from development of sales material and communication in owned channels to the development of a new communication concept.


The activities in the action plan have been implemented. Communication and brand measurements are carried out on a continuous basis to ensure that the implemented changes have the desired effect and show that Bosch Home’s position in the category has increased significantly since the beginning of the project.