Review and streamlining of insight work at Scouterna

Client: Scouterna – The Guides and Scouts of Sweden

Background and challenge

Scouterna, The Guides and Scouts of Sweden, is a non-profit organization working towards a better world, by providing meaningful and developing activities for children and young people. Scouterna, today, has over 80 000 members and over 1 000 local scout groups. To ensure that the scout movement in Sweden develops in line with the interests of the members, the National Office aims to, as much as possible, make insight-driven decisions and, therefore, conducts a number of major market and member surveys.

Historically, the responsibility for the surveys has been spread out in the organization and the surveys have, therefore, partially overlapped and spreading of insights in the organisation has been limited. There was a need to do a thorough review of how the organization worked with insights.

To ensure, to the greatest extent possible, that the conducted surveys answer to the needs of the organization and that resources are used in the best way, the National Office of Scouterna, therefore requested:

  • An overview of how the organization worked with insights today and which needs for insights there were in the organization
  • A plan on how to best carry out insight work going forward


In the initial phase of the project, VAKN conducted workshops and interviews with representatives from different parts of the organization with the aim of understanding how people have worked with insights historically, what insights they needed in their work and to what extent those needs were being met.

After mapping needs and existing surveys, VAKN presented a proposal for a new “insight structure”. This showed how Scouterna’s insight work should be organized going forward, which of the existing/historical surveys that should be kept, which should be phased out and which additions that needed to be made.

A suggested set-up for a new recurring member survey was also presented (work process, suppliers/systems, questionnaire and reporting format)


After the completion of the project, Scouterna has appointed a new role in the central organization – a person at the National Office responsible for all insight work. This has led to better control of insights projects, and more efficient spreading of knowledge.

The first round of the new recurring member survey has also been carried out. For the first time, Scouterna now has comparable first-hand information from all member groups (scouts, parents, leaders and scout group board members) – insights that are an important input to the development of Scouterna’s strategy going forward.